Friday, May 29, 2009

Friends of Kindred

Mural Photos by Esther Hidalgo

We invite you to post your thoughts! Here are a few things some of our friends are saying:

The idea behind Kindred — a community driven, inclusive hang-out — will fit in great with the U Street neighborhood. And with Nikisha being the creative force behind Kindred, we are all guaranteed a carefree, open-minded host with a smile and laugh so infectious, passers-by will not be able to resist stopping in.” 
- Amy Bryant

Knowing Nikishia, I know Kindred will be a great place for people of all walks of life to sit and unwind without breaking the bank. 
- Paul Marengo

Kindred is just what our community needs and Nikisha gets that. I have no doubt that this establishment will bring class and diversity to U Street."
- Ebone Bell

Nikisha is doing something great for the community, opening up more doors for everyone ... who wouldn't want to support that.  
- Ice

Nikisha is, of course, an ambitious and innovative woman.  With her at the helm, I have no doubt Kindred will set itself apart from the U Street crowd as an affordable, yet undoubtedly cool place.”
- Sarah Turberville

Kindred could be a new type of DC bar — one where drinks are cheap, patrons come from all walks of life, and a core group of customers establishes a friendly, neighborhood vibe. If anyone's capable of establishing such a place in DC, Nikisha is."
- Kevin Cross

It's not often you find a bar in D.C. that pulls together all types of people, gay-straight, blue-green, short-tall. Bar concepts often target specific types of consumers and rightfully so. But Nikisha's bar will definitely fill that niche that calls for an all inclusive, across the board, chill party spot ... or Happy Hour oasis. I can't wait for the Grand Opening."
- Darrell Hughes

Having been in contact with Nikisha almost daily over the past three years I've witnessed her take lead on various business and community-oriented projects in and around Washington, DC. She's one of the first people to come to mind in terms of having the responsible, productive, and steadfast character needed to make ventures such as this a success."
- Marcus Baker

"Nikisha Carpenter knows how to run an efficient operation. I am confident that Kindred will be a success." 
- Elizabeth Detwiler

"Kisha is a beautiful and inspirational soul that commands your attention. There is no limit to the places she is going and the things she will achieve. She is the final piece of the puzzle that this community needs to prosper and diversify. Her ownership of Kindred will provide a more than needed outlet for this community to gather, network and grow. As we need a space that is supportive and created for our community by our own community" 
- Annette Holmes

"There are few people in this world as kind and generous as Kish. From the moment I met her on a kickball field, I knew that this would be a friendship that would last a lifetime. In this struggling economy, rare is it that you find someone who is willing to start a business without the goal of financial gain in mind. With Kish, you know that this is not her goal. Her generosity towards others is evident in her desire in creating Kindred — a place where people can gather to form bonds, make new friends and have a good time without having to break the bank."
- Johanna Hsu